Product Release Notes: New Website Enhancements.

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our redesigned website, which is jam-packed with user-friendly features to improve your purchasing experience. Here is what’s new.

  1. “In Stock” Product Filtering and Notifications:

Don’t miss out on your favourite products again. Filter products in stock for a more smooth browsing experience, and receive notifications when out-of-stock items are restocked with a single click.

2. Location-Based Shipping Costs:

Say goodbye to generic shipping fees. Our website now estimates shipping prices depending on your unique delivery address, including the distance from our store. Enjoy realistic pricing that matches your specific location, avoiding flat rates and assuring fairness in all transactions. There will be NO MORE flat shipping fee of ₹200.

3. Enhanced Order Status Notifications:

Receive email notifications that provide real-time information on your order from placement to delivery.

4. Abandoned Checkout Recovery:

Did you forget something in your cart? We have you covered with automatic recovery reminders to help you finish your transaction.

5. Wishlist Feature:

Save your preferred items from our website to easily search and add them to your cart.

6. Streamlined Cart Management:

Add products to your cart directly from the catalogue page, including quantity adjustments.

7. User Account Creation and Management:

Easily create and maintain your personalised account, including order tracking and other features.

8. Smooth User Experience:

Enjoy uninterrupted browsing with a seamless interface that reduces page refreshes and prevents displacement following actions.

9. WhatsApp Click-to-Chat:

Connect with us instantly via WhatsApp for prompt assistance and support.

10. Customer Reviews :

Users can now leave reviews on every single product on the website.

11. Invoice Generation:

Customers can view professional invoices in PDF format for efficient record-keeping.

12. Infinite Scroll :

Enjoy uninterrupted browsing without the need for page navigation.

We are devoted to providing you with the finest shopping experience possible, and these enhancements are only the beginning of our quest to make online shopping more convenient, pleasurable, and rewarding. Happy shopping!

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