Sri Manjuntha Condiments

Our History!

It all started in 1954! Our father Late B.P. Manjunatha Adiga established Sri Manjunatha Condiments Stall way long back in 1954. Our parents are the reason for the existence of this business today! Now we, three sons of Manjunatha Adiga, namely Keshava Adiga, Nagaraja Adiga and Ramakrishna Adiga are running the business.

15 January 2017 - The day we started to think of digitizing our business and clicked a lot of photos of our products.


We three Brothers!

"Three Brothers, One Passion: Crafting India's Finest Traditional Flavors"


Keshava Adiga

He manages the retail and wholesale operations at MCS, directly interfacing with customers and embodying the company's commitment to customer delight and satisfaction. His leadership and personable approach make him the pivotal reason behind the positive customer experiences at MCS.

Nagaraja Adiga

He leads the manufacturing division, overseeing the complete production process of Condiments Masala Powders, Pickles, and Namkeens. Additionally, he personally crafts many of these condiments at home, ensuring quality and authenticity in every batch of traditional foods

Ramakrishna Adiga

He leads the manufacturing division, controlling the entire production process of Papads and Sandige, with a special focus on Aralu Sandige, our most popular and best-selling item. His expertise in preparing this special recipe in our own factory is a key factor in its success and high customer demand.


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A glimpse of our products - Sri Manjunatha Condiments Stall